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0008360VALENTINA SERVERDatabasepublic2018-10-22 06:36
ReporterAleksandar Spasojevic Assigned ToIvan Smahin  
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Product Version8.2.x 
Target Version8.6.xFixed in Version8.6.x 
Summary0008360: VServer stucks after few minutes of working
DescriptionProblem which I'm trying to explain is happening from VServer version 8.3 . Currently, we are using VServer 8.5.5 .
I couldn't find reason for this. We have Applications written in XOJO which are working with DB. When I start VServer 8.5.5 it works great. Few minutes later, sometimes 2, 5, 10 or 1 hour later, it stops responding. Our application also stops responding, it stucks forever when it tries to get something from DB. For example, table1.RecID = 100 when VServer is stuck doesn't work. There is no any Exception, just stays on that line until I kill VServer, so VServer is affecting application, even if communication with DB is from Thread.
Valentina Studio can see VServer on that time, but it cannot connect, its just showing progress bar. When I go to Services, VServer is running, and if I click Stop, it will start filling ProgressBar, but it won't stop it. I was waiting for few minutes and after that, Windows returns message that it cannot stop Service and change VServer status from Running to Stopping. The only way to actually stop it is to Kill process in Task Manager.

"Windows could not stop the VServer_64 service on Local Computer.
Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion."

This is happening on Windows 10 Pro and Windows Server 2016 Standard.

I saw in one of logs problems in DB, I did reindex and after that Diagnose. There is no errors.

In case logs are not uploaded here becaues of size limit, you can download it from here:

Here are logs from second machine after killing service, with also VServer 8.5.5 but with new and completely healthy DB:

If you have any other questions about this, please ask, I will try to help as much as I can, or if want to test databases. This means we cannot use versions after 8.2
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Aleksandar Spasojevic

Aleksandar Spasojevic

2018-09-13 11:54

reporter   ~0010429

On first machine ( first link ) its already set to 3, now I'm going to do it on second machine also.
Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2018-09-13 12:07

manager   ~0010430

Well, I think this is some sort of "threading" issue in your app or V4RB or vClient.
Please, try following -
When the vServer will hang next time, kill your app instead of vServer and see - I think vServer will drop connections related to your app and will be available for further connections.
At least it must be checked that we have deal with vServer issue - not vClient one.
Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2018-09-13 12:14

manager   ~0010431

I see few connections accessing vServer - is it result of your app single instance? Do you call Valentina from different XOJO threads?
Aleksandar Spasojevic

Aleksandar Spasojevic

2018-09-13 12:17

reporter   ~0010432

It happened right now. I killed App and waited for 10 minutes. VServer is still hanged.

Here is log from this session, I checked, VerboseLevel is set to 3.
Aleksandar Spasojevic

Aleksandar Spasojevic

2018-09-13 12:19

reporter   ~0010433

We have main application and 4 helpers on same PC. Every one of them has connection to vServer.
Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2018-09-13 12:42

manager   ~0010434

Please check following:

Run this sql statement at the very begin in your apps:

"set property DiagnoseMTFlag of database to 0"

and try to work - I guess it will work without hanging - could you confirm that?
Aleksandar Spasojevic

Aleksandar Spasojevic

2018-09-13 13:05

reporter   ~0010435

It didn't work. Hanged after 6 minutes.
Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2018-09-13 13:22

manager   ~0010436

ok, another guess - please try to set VERBOSELEVEL to 1 and check if hangs gone?
Aleksandar Spasojevic

Aleksandar Spasojevic

2018-09-13 14:16

reporter   ~0010437

First time was working for 20 minutes, I restarted it. Second time it hanged after 1 minute.
Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2018-09-17 04:27

manager   ~0010439

I believe it is solved, will be available in the nearest build - please check it on your side.
Aleksandar Spasojevic

Aleksandar Spasojevic

2018-10-02 12:19

reporter   ~0010494

Version 8.6 was working for few days and then it hanged. After restart, it worked for 2 days and then it started hanging again. About 9 times in 3-4 hours approx.

Bellow is link to all logs when vServer hanged:
Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2018-10-02 14:11

manager   ~0010495

All that logs are ended at the "hanging" moment?

I mean they are pretty different. It seems some of them are ended "normally".
And one more question - do you see any vServer activity (CPU percentage in the "system monitor") after such a "hang"?

BTW, please, open your db in vStudio (locally or under vServer) and do db diagnose - just to be sure that it is not some damaged db's issue.
Aleksandar Spasojevic

Aleksandar Spasojevic

2018-10-02 14:20

reporter   ~0010496

It happens after few hangs that DB diagnose reports some problems with indexes. Reindex fixes it, but no other problems. We were monitoring CPU, its always bellow 10 % (approx 0-5) .

Yes, all logs are ended at the hanging moment. I try to stop Service, and end up killing it in Task Manager.
Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2018-10-02 14:26

manager   ~0010497

"Hanging" - is still "no new connections" accepted by vServer or something different?
Aleksandar Spasojevic

Aleksandar Spasojevic

2018-10-02 14:29

reporter   ~0010498

Nothing. I try from Valentina Studio to connect, it just shows progressBar and that's all.

Any query from already connected user also leads to application hang ( Our app and Valentina Studio also ).
Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2018-10-02 14:53

manager   ~0010499

Do you have any Mac or Linux? It would be pretty much easier to find the reason if you run vServer on those platforms.
For Mac - it is just getting "sample" of vServer process in "Activity Monitor"...
Aleksandar Spasojevic

Aleksandar Spasojevic

2018-10-12 09:08

reporter   ~0010509

We are having same problems with newest version of vServer ( 8.6.1 ), 8 hangs in about 5 hours.
Bellow is link for logs after all 8 hangs when I had to kill vServer in processes.
Chris Zakrewsky

Chris Zakrewsky

2018-10-12 10:47

reporter   ~0010513

On Windows10 there is something more to it:
When I kill vserver from Task Manager it times out with "unable to terminate" or suchlike, but on refresh of the task list it is now listed as not running.

vlogs look normal, nothing particular there, so vserver apparently thinks it is running. It is totally unaware that it is deaf and muted.

However it is impossible to start it again: the vlogs will tell now that IP port is already in use. By whom? A zombie?

Only a total reboot cures it.

I updated to 8.6.1 for two days ago and haven't had "hanging vserver" yet, but it only happened once a week or so before.

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