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0008727VALENTINA SERVERCursorspublic2020-02-17 08:48
ReporterFran├žois Van Lerberghe Assigned ToIvan Smahin  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformINTELOSMAC OS OS Version*
Product Version9.7.x 
Fixed in Version10.0.x 
Summary0008727: Cursor.UpdateAllRecords update all fields of all records of the cursor in client/server mode
DescriptionIn standalone mode, VCursor.UpdateAllRecords update only "dirty" fields of all records of a cursor, as expected (and described in the Wiki). But in client/server mode, this command update *all fields* of all records of the cursor.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a Cursor with several fields and several records
2) Assign a new value to only one field
3) Do Cursor.UpdateAllRecords
In standalone mode, all records has now the same value for the updated field only
=> ok
In client/server mode, all records has now the same values for *all fields*
=> very bad
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