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0008744VALENTINA SERVERSQLpublic2020-03-05 11:27
ReporterBeatrix Willius Assigned ToIvan Smahin  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version10.0.x 
Summary0008744: Hard crash when doing SQL with 2 unions
DescriptionThe following SQL makes a hard crash in Valentina Studio:

((select RecID, MailboxPath as FinalPath, WhereClause, PathSort(MailboxPathNatSort), '' as usernamefinal from mailbox where username = 'sa')
(select recid, UsernameAndMailboxPath as FinalPath, WhereClause, PathSort(MailboxPathNatSort), username as usernamefinal from mailbox where username in ('testuser', 'default user')))
(select * from mailbox)
order by usernamefinal, 4

See attached database and crash log.
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Beatrix Willius

Beatrix Willius

2020-03-04 06:22


Mail (136,779 bytes)
valentina.rtf (97,316 bytes)

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