Valentina Database Core Features In Depth

Use multiple data models, including full relational, object-relational, and high performance Valentina data model. You decide.

Valentina Data Model Independence

Make use of the data model you are most familiar with, or whatever model is best for your current project.

Valentina DB has a unique underlying structure, but it can fully operate using traditional data models. This isn't an all-or-nothing approach. Do a simple port, and then you can add object-relational or native features, step by step.

Data Models Supported by Valentina DB

Simple Porting to Valentina DB. You do not have to redesign your database schema to port to Valentina DB. Import, then selectively port to one of the supported data models.

Valentina Native Model Support

Utilize the Valentina ultra-modern native model

Valentina Object-Relational Model Support

Expand on the traditional relational database model by utilizing native objects in your databases.

Valentina Relational Model Support

Utilize a traditional relational database model for importing your data from other databases, or quickly setting up a database.