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  3. Freitag, März 04 2016, 06:43 AM
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This bug-fix release is mainly about Valentina Studio.
Also fixed V4RB Win installer when installs to win32.

Valentina Studio

[Fix] 7489 - Null value violates NOT NULL constraint in data transfer tool - PostgreSQL
[Fix] 7510 - [mySQL] There is no AUTO_INCREMENT in keywords
[Fix] 7515 - Group selection of projects has non-working menu item
[Fix] 7516 - Closing of the set of databases leads to showing the confirmation dialog for each item
[Fix] 7519 - [mySQL] Default value for blob
[Fix] 7521 - Crash on delete copied items
[Fix] 7523 - Apply value in the active cell on press Apply
[Fix] 7524 - [MYSQL] Flags indexed and unique for BlOB fields
[Fix] 7525 - [MYSQL] MySQL does not support autoincrement for decimal
[Fix] 7526 - [MYSQL] Query to change flag INDEXED
[Fix] 7528 - [POSTGRE] Empty selection for field type
[Fix] 7531 - [POSTGRE] Property Dimensions has no tooltip
[Fix] 7532 - [POSTGRE] IMPORTANT Issues for VARCHAR
[Fix] 7533 - [MSSQL] Issues for create database dialog
[Fix] 7536 - [MSSQL] Issues for the fields properties
[Fix] 7538 - Default values of object properties should not take a part in the query to create or modify object
[Fix] 7544 - Add fields for export by double click
[Fix] 7545 - Crash on loading dump to existing database, initiated from connection
[Fix] 7546 - 'can_grow' works only for the first record
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