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  3. Dienstag, Februar 24 2015, 04:04 PM
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Two questions.

1. Do you plan to update the mac version to be retina display compatible? It's quite blurry on a retina macbook.

2. Multitouch scrolling isn't working in the app for my mac. I have to manually click and slide the scrollbar. Is there a way to fix this?

Running os x 10.10.2 on a macbook pro retina.

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Ruslan Zasukhin Akzeptierte Antwort
Hi Daniel,

Very very very soon :)

* About 15-17 months ago we have start huge job -- porting of Valentina Studio from wxDigets framework to QT.

* We are very near to first 6.0 betas. We already have Mac and Windows compile/link and installers built by scripts.
Linux finish installer. I hope next week we will introduce first betas.

And yes, in this version, we get

  • 64 bits app for mac and win. In 5.x only Linux do have 64-bit version.

For Mac OS X:

  • full screen
  • horizontal scroll on trackpads
  • retina support, btw we replacing our icons/pictures from png to svg.

We hurry as much as we can :)
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