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I have been through the documentation - can't seem to find this:

Report registered under VServer. When designing query in VStudio I place a parameter in the query string.

SELECT * FROM tblJobs WHERE tblJobs.RecID = $P(JobID)

(Something like that)

How do I pass a variable as a parameter to the Report via PHP?

I would like to keep the query designed in VStudio, just pass in the parameter(s) to get my desired results.
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Sergey Pashkov Akzeptierte Antwort
Hi, Scott

Parameters, which you insert in Valentina Studio dialog, are used only for subreport queries.
Currently if you need to pass parameters, you should embed them into a query in PHP code.

But I agree, this feature will be useful.
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Scott Akzeptierte Antwort
Thanks for the quick response.
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Ruslan Zasukhin Akzeptierte Antwort
Just in case I will show what Sergey means with "embed into SQL query"

Let you want send into reports 2 parameters
param1 = 55
param2 = 'My Info'

You can embed them into some SQL query, such as:

SELECT f1, f2, f3
WHERE f1 = 100

In this way:

SELECT f1, f2, f3, 1 as "param1", 'my Info' as "param2"
WHERE f1 = 100
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