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  3. Freitag, Februar 21 2020, 12:08 PM
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First of all, I love Valentina Studio, I tried lots of software but no one like valentina, i'm very thankfull to Paradigma's work.

But, I'm stucked at version 5.7.5 :(

Yes, you get shocked because the current version is 10.0!
I tried some new version but still have the same problem. Well it's not a problem but is related with the difficulty for filter.

I work with lots of databases (632 right now) and i need to filter quickly. In the version 5.7 and previous ones, after you click on a bookmark, you go to schema editor tab, then you can press keys and automatically the list of databases gets filtered, and then you click one database and you start filtering tables with the keyboard without doing nothing, and same happens with fields.
This is very important to me because im moving from databases and tables all time.
My surprise was when in new versions you need to click on the filter box to start filtering, this started to dificult my job, but I thought "maybe i could try to get used", and then the worst change was when i saw that i can't filter databases (there is no box!).
I'm not sure why these changes, the ease of working the old way is much better than the need to go typing in a box, and i didn't had any problem with it in years.

Maybe more people had the same problem, maybe engineers decide to recover this awesome feature... ;D

Thank you.
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Ruslan Zasukhin Akzeptierte Antwort
Hi David,

thank you very much for contacting us and sharing your experience.

I have try - indeed - no way filter databases. We will discuss this with guys at the nearest time.

- I think currently when you are in some list, typing some letters move you to items in THIS list that start with those letters.

- I see that currently to start filter, it needs only to click FILTER box by mouse, and cmd+F not works.
I think as a step forward - it should work.

- and it seems we need to allow doing CMD+F. (filtering) while a CONNECTION object is selected, i.e. databases will be filtered.

Does this sound good for you?
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david pruebas Akzeptierte Antwort
Hi Ruslan!

I like the idea of using CMF+F for filtering. Maybe is not fast as i'm used, but i can get used to it.

And i will really love to have the filter for databases!

Thank you so much! :)
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Ruslan Zasukhin Akzeptierte Antwort
Hi David,

Igor have implemented this feature. It is shipped in the 10.1 build on 12 March 2020.

Please try it :)
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david pruebas Akzeptierte Antwort
Hi Ruslan,

sorry the waiting, covid changed our lives...

i used for weeks 10.1.2 and now 10.4.18 (lastest right now).

CMD+F works but i saw a little inconvenient.
When CMD+F the cursor goes to the text box, then you write and filter, all ok here.
But when you want to change your existing filter you must delete it manually, because there is no auto-selection on focus or something like this. And if you try to correct the firsts letters on the actual filter using the home button for positioning, cursor goes to the beginning but after the first click goes to the end again :o

Don't misunderstand me, i apreciate a lot your work, but not using a common thing like auto word selection i making thing weird hehehe.

btw i love because the first filter is automatically :)

thank you.
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