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Release also adds new JavaScript methods to Studio, Valentina Admin improvements and more.
Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO
Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines database management with diagramming, forms creation, reporting and database continuous integration. Available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • [New][Form Editor] Added project.getItemByName() method to use in JavaScript. For example, to change the datasource definition in code.
  • [New][Form Editor] 8892 Add ability to pass default options to report.showPrintDialog called from JavaScript
  • [Imp][Form Editor] Added enum PROJECT_ITEM_TYPE to use with project.getItemByName().
  • [Fix][Form Editor] copy&paste of ComboBox control
  • [Fix][Form Editor] Form Editor respect characters encodings
  • [New][Diagram Editor] Added ability to set color/font for each sub item (in the property inspector)
  • [New][Diagram Editor] Added property to set the default font for the whole diagram
  • [New][Diagram Editor] Added paper format/orientation in PDF export
  • [New][Diagram Editor] [Fix] scrollbar position on update property inspector and other small fixes
  • [New][Query Editor]8894: Support composite foreign keys in the Query Editor
  • [New]Supported drawing links on multiple columns
  • [Fix]8865 - highlighting comments + not respecting cursor blink
  • [Fix]8875 - zoom in the label layout
  • [Fix]8890 - Ctrl+v in SQL Editor when multiple Valentina Studio windows are open
  • [Fix][VServer Admin]8895 - Column headers correspond to the data in “Server Admin/Connections”.

Valentina Server
Valentina Server incorporates Valentina Reports Server, Valentina Forms Server and two database servers: Valentina DB Server and Valentina SQLite Server. Available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Raspberry PI.

  • [Fix]8873 - vServer stuck with “Sending notification error.” New message for the log: “Notification connection has been paired with regular connection (UID %d).”

Valentina Wiki

  • [New][Page] Valentina Studio Project Deployment

This release is immediately available for download from the Paradigma Software website.
  1. https://www.valentina-db.com/docs/dokuwiki/v10/doku.php?id=valentina:releases:10.0:10.5#release_10.5.6
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