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I"m receiving a function error in LiveCode when trying to use VArraySet_ItemAt( setRef, inPosition ). It's as if LiveCode doesn't recognize the function. Can someone confirm that I have the correct syntax? I'm trying to use the function after converting a cursor to an arrayset using VCursor_ToArraySet.
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Ivan Smahin Akzeptierte Antwort
Indeed, V4REV does not have such methods. The only way to work with any "set" is using an "iterator".
Please, see the examples - tableBrowser.rev, ShowSet method.
It would be something like this one:

put VSet_Count(inSet) into recCount
put VSet_MakeNewIterator( inSet ) into setIteratorRef

repeat with i = 1 to recCount

if i = 1 then
put VSetIterator_FirstItem(setIteratorRef) into recID
put VSetIterator_NextItem(setIteratorRef) into recID
end if
end repeat
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