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  2. Valentina Reports ADK
  3. Freitag, September 22 2023, 11:24 PM
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I'm having problems printing a report from my Xojo application, using a Vserver.
I have licensed versions of VStudio Pro 13.3.3, VServer 13.3, and the Xojo/RealBasic ADK, all running on Linux (Ubuntu 22.4) [ all from the OmegaBundle 2023]. I have successfully developed a project ("femstest";) and report ("Report_Offer";) on the Vserver. The datasource is a MSSQL database on another machine. When I preview the report in VStudio, I get the expected report output. Now, I'm trying to print this same report from within my Xojo Web (Version 2023.1.1) application. I followed the steps shown in the Xojo ADK installation video. Here is my Xojo code behind the "print" button (it's basically Valentina's example code):


'Open Connection
Var conn as VConnection = new VConnection("", "sa", "sa")

' Open Project From VServer
Var projPath As FolderItem = GetFolderItem("femstest.vsp")
Var proj As VProject = new VProject(conn, projPath)

' Print Report into PDF
Var datasource as string = "mssql://host = '' port = '1433' dbname = 'eios' user = 'eios' password = 'eios' timeout='10' datalimit='65535' "
Var query as String = "SELECT * FROM Event"
var report as VReport = proj.MakeNewReport("Report_Offer", datasource, query)
Var data as String = report.PrintToBuffer(EVReportPrintType.kToPDF, 1)

' Prepare file for download
Self.PDF = new WebFile
Self.PDF.mimetype = "application/pdf"
Self.PDF.FileName = "report.pdf"
Self.PDF.ForceDownload = FALSE
Self.PDF.Data = data

' Close Project and Connection

' Show PDF in Browser

Exception err as VException
Var errNumber as Integer = err.ErrorNumber
Var errString as String = err.Message

The VServer log indicates that I successfully connect from my application to the VServer. The MSSQL datasource string is copied from the VStudio Schema Editor. I have no problem connecting to this MSSQL database from VStudio (and other tools) running on the same machine as my application. There isn't a firewall issue.

The VException error message I'm getting is: Error Number: 365829 - File "%S" is not open. The error occurs on the line "var report as VReport = proj.MakeNewReport("Report_Offer", datasource, query)".

I'm missing something simple here and any help or guidance is appreciated. Thank you.
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Sergey Pashkov Akzeptierte Antwort
Hello James,

Open the project after creating an object:

Var proj As VProject = new VProject(conn, projPath)
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James Whitehead Akzeptierte Antwort
Sergey -

That's what I missed. Thank you for both the answer and your quick response. I really appreciate it!
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