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Fabrizio Geschrieben in:

Crash on quit (Xojo and SValentina for SQLite)

I'm having some crash with the App when i move my Xojo project from SQLite into SValentina for SQLite. In Event Open i've: Valentina.Init( 10 * 1024 * 1024 ) Valentina.InitClient() In Event Close i've: Valentina.ShutDownClient() Valen...

Why is there a rollback needed if there was not a clean shutdown.

I open an embedded database in my app in Xojo Debugger and if it crashes or I stop the debugger (no clean shutdown) then it will crash on any subsequent VDatabase.Open in either the Debugger or the compiled app If I call VDatabase.CheckRollback() it ...
Alberto Geschrieben in:

Export content from Valentina 1.x dbs

Hi everyone, I've been recently asked to export a collection of newspaper articles stored within a series of old Valentina dbs - all created in 2000. I tried to open them using Valentina Studio 3.0 but with no luck... the utility function for convert...
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