About the cross-database query

The WIKI for the release of VDB 12 announced a new feature - a connection between two databases. Can you explain in more detail - what do you mean? MySQL/MariaDB allows you to execute a query like: SELECT T1.fld1, T2.fld2 FROM DB1....

Valentina Release 13.6 Adds Python Queries & Expressions to Reports, Improves MongoDB Support

Studio improved SQL & Schema Editors, SQLite support and more. Valentina Reports ADK & Valentina Reports Server Valentina Reports cross platform reports system is available in Valentina Reports Server, Valentina Reports ADK for embedding ...
Scott Geschrieben in:

Can't Open/Edit Reports on Remote Servers

I can't say that it was the 13.6 upgrade, because I haven't edited any of my reports in a while. But, I tried to open existing reports on several remote servers (even a local LAN server) and it errors out. I cannot connect to the report side of VSer...

How to: Create a Simple Report using Valentina Reports and MongoDB

There have been several recent announcements related to support for MongoDB in Valentina Studio as well as the recent announcement of support for MongoDB in Valentina Reports ADK and Valentina Reports Server. If you are using the MongoDB Atlas hos...

Valentina artwork

Now and then a user downloads the Pro version of my app which needs Valentina server, then buys the standard version which uses Valentina ADK. Then I get an email "the license doesn't work". I thought I could add a logo and some verbiage...

Valentina Release 13.5.2 Improves Database Documentation Tool

Productivity improvements for custom tools in Valentina Studio, Valentina for Xojo ADK. Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines databa...

Get Started with the Free Database Documentation Project

With Valentina Studio Release 13.5 and later, Valentina Studio now includes a free project that is not only a useful tool in itself but an example of using Valentina Reports and Valentina Forms together. See the link below for more information an...

599299 "UNKNOWN" is bad stored procedure name

A user has a bit of corruption in VarChars. I told him to make a clone. But when he does the clone he gets the above error message. What does the error message mean? And how do I find the unknown procedure? Valentina 13.3....

Valentina Release 13.5.1 Improves SSL, PostgreSQL Support

Other fixes and improvements for project handling and more. Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines database management with diagrammi...

Where are diagrams stored?

Hello There! I'm using Valentina Studio together with a SQLite database and also testing the Pro-Edition creating a project. My Question: Where are the diagrams saved/stored? Is it stored within the project? Thanks Stefan...

Documentation for SplitLogFileSize and SplitLogFileTimeOut

Hi guys, where is the documentation for the above "new" parameters for Valentina Server 13.1? The only mention I can find on Goggle is the blog entry. But there is no description at all what the 2 parameters do....
Ralf Geschrieben in:

Any limit for IN() search

Hi, I have database crashes and believe it is due to too many numbers in an IN statement. Is there a maximum amount? Or can you see the cause in the crash log? Time Awake Since Boot: 3200000 seconds System Integrity Protection: enabled ...
Jan Kubalek Geschrieben in:

Trial licence for Valentina studio?

Hello, I have one more and probably last question about "Is there a trial licence", so "is there a trial licence for Studio PRO"? (like "hey bro, there is a 7 day full licence which you can use exactly once" I will tr...

Diagrams: Tables are invisible after reopening the diagram

Hello Everybody! I'm currently testing the free edition of Valentina Studio together with a SQLite database. I'm using the diagram tool to show how the database is designed (reverse engineering). So I added the tables to the diagram, arranged ...
Gunar Geschrieben in:

PHP 8.2.7 Win x64

Good Day, The PHP modules in Valentina for PHP x64 (vphp_x64_13_win.exe) are not running with PHP 8.2.7 on Windows x64. PHP Warning: PHP Startup: pdo_valentina: Unable to initialize module Module compiled with module API=20210902 PHP comp...

Valentina Release 13.5 Adds Valentina Reports for MongoDB, Database Documention Project

Improved reports printing, deterministic characteristics for ValentinaDB and more. Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines database ma...

How do I close a popup error message in Valentina Studio?

Let's say I want to drop a database in Valentina Studio but I have opened it first. So I get an error message after trying to drop the database "drop in-use database is not supported". After closing the connection and coming back to the dat...

Problem using Email function on VServer

I'm trying out the Mail function on VServer. I've cut and pasted from the document examples to create a stored procedure. Here's my code: Create Procedure SendReport() BEGIN DECLARE query_report VARCHAR( 256 ) DEFAULT 'REPORT "unive...

Help with Reports ADK and Xojo Cloud Deployment

I was wondering if someone could give me any input on what steps to take to get the Reports ADK running on a web application in Xojo Cloud. I'm developing the app in a Windows Virtual Machine, so I downloaded the v13.3 Valentina XOJO WIN 64 file a...

Problem Printing From Xojo Web Application Using VServer

I'm having problems printing a report from my Xojo application, using a Vserver. I have licensed versions of VStudio Pro 13.3.3, VServer 13.3, and the Xojo/RealBasic ADK, all running on Linux (Ubuntu 22.4) [ all from the OmegaBundle 2023]. I have s...

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