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I have the following SQL:
SELECT   tblTypeExpenses.cTypeName,  tblExpenses.cProduct,  tblExpenses.cProductVendor,  FORMAT(tblExpenses.nExpenseAmount/100, '#,###.00', 'kNumberFormat'), 
tblExpenses.dExpenseBought , tblExpenses.RecId,
FORMAT(tblExpenses.dExpenseBought, 'YYYY-MM-dd', 'kDateFormat_Pattern')
FROM tblExpenses
INNER JOIN tblTypeExpenses ON Lnk_Expense_to_Type

tblExpenses.nExpenseAmount is a VULong field, but the VField.Type value being returned in the cursor is 24 - kTypeText. Is this because of the FORMAT expression? Is this the way it is supposed to work? I was hoping to have it return the value of the actual field, not the result of the expression.
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Ivan Smahin Akzeptierte Antwort

Exactly, VText type is because of FORMAT sql-function which returns such a type. tblExpenses.nExpenseAmount is just an argument to this function.
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