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This is a question for my fellow Valentina Developers on the site - and depending on the results, a feature request for the guys at VDB:

Does anyone have a need to be able to have additional user attributes beyond what is available to us in VServer?

Specifically, I would like to see the ability to add custom attributes to the system user table such as: role, status, custom privileges (per application), maybe user info, etc.

Or at the very least the ability to link a custom attributes table(s) to each user in the system user table while leaving the default system user table read only (or whatever the solution may be).

Many of the recent solutions I have produced have needed a great deal of user attributes/properties and I have had to create users in VServer and then duplicate the same info in another table just to add custom attributes.

I understand the ramifications of damaging or deleting the system user table (or entries) - maybe there is a way to add a way to link users to a custom attributes table? Or add custom fields in the users table without damaging the required user info for the VServer?

Ideas? Thoughts?

Many thanks in advance.

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Ruslan Zasukhin Akzeptierte Antwort
Hi Scott,

You can create own system tables.
* create SYSTEM table my_sys_table ( f1 int );
- Records of such table will be saved into .vdb file,

Valentina Studio do not show sys tables in the schema editor.
You can use SHOW TABLES if needed to see them.

2) In the same way you can create system BinaryLink, if you need link own sys tables using this.

FK and ObjectPtr - links are fields actually, so if they part of a sys table, then they automatically are on .vdb volume.

3) Maybe for some tasks can be useful SET PROPERTY feature of ValentinaDB.
You can set own additional properties for Tables, Fields, Links
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