1. Jon Walker
  2. Omegabundle
  3. Freitag, Juli 17 2020, 08:18 AM
  4.  Abonnieren via E-Mail
Purchased the Omega Bundle but cannot see any information on how to install the packages?


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Lynn Fredricks Akzeptierte Antwort
Each product is going to follow its own installation methods. You can find all of the installation methods on the Documentation portion of this website for Paradigma Software products. Other vendors are going to use their own methods. See the links below for installing Valentina Server and the ADKs.
  1. https://valentina-db.com/docs/dokuwiki/v10/doku.php?id=valentina:products:vserver:manual:install:install
  2. https://valentina-db.com/docs/dokuwiki/v10/doku.php?id=valentina:products:adk:v4rb:v4rb
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