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Is there a way to Transpose the display of the results?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is possible on Valentina Studio to display the results of a query *transposed*. That is, having the Columns as Rows and vice versa. Thanks in advanced, Carlos....

[ANN] Valentina Technology Release 7.0.3

Valentina Studio 7.0.3 [New][SQL Editor] Export button now has “Clipboard” item. Allows use clipboard to move result records into e.g. Excel. [Imp][SQL Editor] Added templates for new KeyValue commands of Valentina DB. [Fix] 7875 - Ability to se...

[ANN] Valentina 7.0.2 Updates Valentina Studio; Valentina Server Example Code for Xojo, SQLite

Paradigma Software announces Valentina technology release 7.0.2. The updates in this release include: Release Notes Valentina Studio 7.0.2 [Fix] 7884 - Changing the locale for a Valentina DB database [Fix] 7885 - Interactive parameters value...

You can subscribe to email notifications for this forum

Hi Everybody, for info. On the right side you can see vechicle where you can subscribe to all new discussions of this forum. With this you will get email notifications....

Valentina Studio Pro 7 Delivers G8 Scripting; Database Continuous Integration

Paradigma Software announces the release of Valentina Studio Pro 7, the leading database IDE and visual reporting tool for database professionals. Valentina Studio Pro 7 is the advanced data solution for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, that supports ...

Valentina Server 7 Released; Database & Reporting App Tools Updated

Paradigma Software announces the release of Valentina Server 7 with new key-value storage engine and updated tools for building fast data and reporting applications. Valentina Server 7 is a server solution that combines three different enterprise ...
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Valentina 7.0 b10 available. VStudio German Translation

Hi Guys, this is our first post about 7.0 beta You can get it here. First of all we want invite to test Valentina Studio, German Translation. RELEASE NOTES:

Paypal Only for a Limited Time for Buying Valentina

Thank you all for your patience as we revive the our website and store. We haven't restored credit card processing yet, so we have deactivated that. But Paypal should work, and you can use a credit card with that. Also, we can accept credit cards ...

Paradigma Sponsors Valentina Studio Pro Prizes in Guess Santa 2016 Contest

Paradigma Software announces it is sponsoring prizes in Meshbox Design's annual Guess Santa 2016 contest. Meshbox Design is a design studio that creates the official 3D Santa Claus used by the NORAD Tracks Santa program and is a corporate sponsor...

Valentina Release 6.6.1 Now Available for Download

Valentina Release 6.6.1 Available; Updated Raspberry PI Support, SQLite, PHP and More Paradigma Software announces the 6.6.1 update for Valentina Server, Valentina Studio Pro and development tools for SQLite, PHP and developer ADKs. Valentina Rele...

Paradigma Software Releases Valentina 6.6

New ILIKE SQL keyword support, updated SQLite version and speed enhancements provide improvements throughout all Valentina products. Valentina Technology Release 6.6 provides small improvements for Valentina Studio and Valentina Server but also in...
Sid Price Geschrieben in:

Diagram updates

Using VStudio 6.5.12 Pro. If I create a diagram with one of my tables shown and then I change the schema of that table working in the "show schema as columns" view the table in the diagram shows the change (the removed field is in italic...

Valentina 6.5.11 HotFix Release

(26 Aug 2016) Valentina Kernel [Imp][Lin] There was problem if app linked to and, and user did Valentina_InitClient() only, but Strings work as kernel's ICU strings. Valentina Studio [Fix] 7736 Inaccuracies with coll...

Are you using REST with Valentina Server?

Representational State Transfer (REST) is a modern software architecture to build scalable web-services. It is widely used as an alternative to SOAP, WSDL protocols and other similar web approaches. Usually REST is based on HTTP/HTTPS, but it is not ...

[HELP] Valentina Studio localization to Spanish, French, Polish, etc

Hi Valentina Developers. Our Valentina Studio team last couple months did huge job to prepare Valentina Studio to be localized to different languages. We have did self Ukrainian and Russian localizations. Now we going to do German and Japanese....

Valentina Release 6.5.8 for Valentina Studio, VKernel, V4RB and C SDK

Hi Valentina Developers, We have prepared a new Valentina Release, just missing our goal of releasing on the 4th of July. This is hotfix release 6.5.8. It is light on actual new features but primarily a fix - very specifically for Valentina Stu...

Mail Archiver X 4 Reviewed on MacWorld

Trixi's Mail Archiver X 4 was reviewed on MacWorld - check it out ...

Upgrade to the Best SQLite Server for Xojo Now with Reports & Save 40%

cubeSQL users can sidegrade to Valentina Server, the three-in-one database and reports server, deployable royalty free to your clients. Valentina Server is a powerful, three-in-one Database Server and Reports Server that runs on Mac OS X, Windows ...

Release 6.5.3 Two new properties for Report Controls. Some fixes.

Valentina Reports * [New] 7641 Add 'can_split' flag to allow the splitting of the region on the page breaks. * [New] 7642 Add 'split_type' property for controls to allow start/stop splitting on the page breaks. * [Wiki] Each control's wiki pag...

Valentina Release 6.5.2. Reports yet improved. Some fixes.

Valentina Reports [New] Report property 'ignore_pagination', which allows you 1) print endless reports on paper 2) produce “endless” HTML output. Valentina Studio [New] - Connection dialog to VServer now have parameter: [x] Use Notificat...

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