Valentina 6.1.1 bug-fix release at 2015-11-12

Valentina for Xojo * [7237] - fixed win installer to use new extension 'xojo_binary_project' for Examples. Valentina Studio: * [7325]: Program hangs when disconnecting after connectivity has been lost * [DATA TRANSFER] - Mac GUI improve ...
D Fly Geschrieben in:

Excel files

Hi, I'm having a problem setting valentina studio up to get data from an excel file via ODBC. When I add a "ODBC server", I get "[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified". Is ...

[ANN] Valentina 6.1 adds VStudio WIN 64, V4RB 64, VNET/VPHP drivers to Valentina SQLite Server!

* [NEW] Valentina Studio for Windows now have 64 bit version. New archive added to FTP. * [NEW] Valentina for Xojo now: * has 'ValentinaPlugin.xojo_plugin' name * use zip format instead old .rbx * contains 64-bit versions of plugin ...
Scott Geschrieben in:

OS X 10.11.1 Server and Valentina PHP

Here's a word of caution for all the Mac OS X Server SA's who are running Valentina/PHP. El Capitan's "rootless" SIP security protocol removes permissions and access to the "restricted" folders & files. Updating 10.11 also r...

Print Direct from Xojo

hi if any beta ready for printing direct from XOJO...

[ANN] Valentina 6.0.12

23 Oct 2015. **** Valentina Studio **** 7209: Cannot enlarge the size of the diagram. 7278: Do not use transaction statements for empty query in Design object dialog 7279: Need to improve dialog 'Create Server Project' 7295: Valentina Data...

[ANN] Valentina 6.0.11

*** Valentina Studio: 6832: Add copy or duplicate contextual menu in bookmarks 6940: Allow to remove saved passwords for bookmarks/bonjour. 7197: "Create link"dialog looks strange and causes errors building the link 7257: Column filte...

[ANN] Valentina 6.0.10

You can enjoy with our next fast 6.0.10 bug-fix release. Valentina Studio 6692: Excel export sometimes creates malformed Excel files 7277: Design Table dialog shows an error for all tables with links 7283: Select All Records In Table Using Ch...

Website Update - October 13, 2015

Today, our team made several updates to the Paradigma Software website. These changes include: Updated Discussions. A collective number of fixes plus also the discussion bar (home / Purchase / Profile / etc) should appear in the language appropr...

[ANN] Valentina 6.0.8 Release

One more fast bug-fix release, mainly for Valentina Studio. * optimize SVG icons * 6346: Size of columns can be changed in strange way * 6954: Auto rename recent diagram on rename source diagram * 6970: Show an error on attempt to create a li...

[ANN] Valentina 6.0.7 Release

Hi, This release contains more fixes and polish for 6.0. Mainly for Valentina Studio. Also we introduce something new ===== NEW ====== * [NEW][SQL Editor] Table-aliases now should be recognized and used in the auto-completion menu for al...

Sorry, few hours 6.0.7 mac build was broken on site.

Hi Guys, Awfully sorry, but mac build of 6.0.7 did have trouble. We have made clean rebuild and upload fresh files. Please download again....

[ANN] Valentina 6.0.5

Valentina 6.0.5 covers multiple product updates. Unless it specifies otherwise (like {VJAVA} you can assume most of these fixes are happening in Valentina Studio. 1 [SQLDIFF] Tests: use structures instead of macroses, not finished (tests are worki...

[ANN] Valentina 6.0.4 Update Released

ExportWizard: renamed line delimiters, clean code temporary disabled getting additional IDENT info in building of autocompletion menu allow to rename objects with case sensetible names ImportWizard: corrections to make options more clear to the user...

[ANN] 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.0.3

======== 6.0.3 ======== don't call FlushDelayed on close all connections catch all exceptions inside task 7234: Entering only a StructureKey is no longer possible to open a Database 7229: SubReport in the Page Footer can't be printed in some ca...

Paradigma Software Releases Valentina Studio 6

Paradigma Software announces the immediate availability of Valentina Studio 6 and Valentina Studio 6 Professional for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Valentina Studio 6 is the best free universal database development and administration tool availabl...

Paradigma Software Releases Valentina Server 6

Valentina Server 6 generates richly formatted reports from all major data sources and also integrates both the advanced, columnar Valentina Database Server and a powerful SQLite Database Server. Valentina Server 6 includes a long list of improvements...
Ruslan Zasukhin Geschrieben in:

V4RB Examples/Test Project Results

Last 2 weeks we have improve a lots of polish Test project. Now it have some GUI, which allows to choose if you want run [x] local tests [x] client tests It have now 230 tests of SQLite part in V4RB. Total result is for all ENABLED ...
Ruslan Zasukhin Geschrieben in:

Simple Bench of Valentina SQLite Server vs cubeSQL. VServer is x3 times faster.

Hi Everybody, I have spend some time making simple Xojo project which do N inserts into a) local SQLite db using our copy in V4RB b) Valentina Sqlite Server c) cubeSQL - Sqlite Server I have made simplest Table T1 with 2 integer fields f1 a...
Ruslan Zasukhin Geschrieben in:

New WIKI page: Xojo Migration to Valentina SQLite Server

Hi Xojo Developers, We have prepare a new WIKI page, which shows that it's very easy to change EXISTED Xojo project, which works with local SQLite database, to work with Valentina SQLite Server. It needs to change/add about 10 lines code only. A...

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