Valentina 8.1 Adds new PostgreSQL Admin Features; New Form Editor Features

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 8.1 that adds refinements and new features to Valentina Reports and Valentina Forms, and also improves working with SQL with PostgreSQL databases. Valentina Studio [New][Form Editor] Add actions to...

Valentina Forms Tutorial 2: Displaying Related Records

This is a second tutorial that extends Tutorial 1 by showing how to display related records in Valentina Forms. In the example, it shows how to display customer purchases when working with a customer record. Check it out. It uses Valentina DB, our ow...

Valentina 8.0.2 Adds Methods to C Library; Improvements in Reports, Valentina DB

The Valentina team is listening to your feedback and providing more improvements across all products, including new methods for the C library. Valentina 8.0.2 updates are now available for download. Valentina St...

Valentina Forms Tutorial 1: Simple Input Form

Sergey has started a series of tutorials for working with Valentina Forms. Tutorial 1: Simple Input Form, should get you started. It uses the Sakila data set and Valentina DB, but you shouldn't have any problem using it with any other database you ar...

Valentina 8.0.1 Adds Views as Datasources for Forms; Improvments for Valentina DB

The Valentina team is taking your feedback on release 8.0 and incorporating them into updates. This update includes improvements to Valentina Studio and Valentina DB (including all products that incorporate Valentina DB). Valentina Studi...
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Incorrect record count in table property view

Please, take a look at attached screenshot. You will notice that the studio does not sort record count numerically under table properties views. Instead it treats everything as a string....

Valentina Release 7.5.8 adds fixes, PostgreSQL Update, Reports Improvements

Paradigma Software is pleased to release Valentina Release 7.5.8, which includes several improvements to the free Valentina Studio and also Valentina Studio Pro, the leading database administration and reports development tool on Windows, MacOS and L...

Happy New Year and Best Wishes in 2018

On behalf of the Paradigma Software team we'd like to wish our customers, friends, partners and visitors best wishes and good health in the new year. 2017 was a strange year for many, but it was in general a good year for Paradigma Software. Our expe...

Valentina Release 7.5.7 adds Improvements, LiveCode 64 bit Support, Update for Xojo for Windows

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 7.5.7, which includes fixes and improvements across all products as well as the first support for 64 bit LiveCode. Valentina Studio [Imp][VDB] Schema Editor now show the size of index [Fix 8111] E...

End of 2017 Special Offers on Valentina Reports & Valentina Server

The Valentina team wishes our clients, customers and friends a happy holidays, Christmas and New Year's! Our holiday schedule spreads across two months (Late December to second week of January), but we will be checking in. From today through end of d...

Valentina Release 7.5.6 Update Now Available

This update does not add any new features after the release of 7.5.4, however it corrects some issues introduced with the 7.5.4 release. As a kind of 'hotfix', you should not be using 7.5.4 and should replace it with 7.5.6....

[News] Valentina 8.0 should drop VCOM?

Hi Guys, we think that this product is also very out of date. Main users of this product were VB6 developers. We guess they all now switched to VB.NET or other .NET products. If nobody will say that he need yet VCOM, we will drop this prod...

[ANN] Valentina 7.5.4 Improves Valentina Studio, Valentina DB and C Integration

New releases across most product lines also include improvements for SQLite and PostgreSQL management and more. Numbers refer to MANTIS reports from you and other customers to help us improve Paradigma Software products. Valentina Studio / Pro New...

[ANN]Valentina 7.5.3 improves Valentina Studio Editors, PostgreSQL and SQLite Support

Valentina 7.5.3 improves the best database admin and reporting design tool on macOS, Linux and Windows. Valentina Studio / Pro [New] 8087[SQL Editor] - Add ability to switch the source connection of the SQL Editor [New][PostgreSQL] - Support of E...

[ANN] Valentina 7.5.2 Release Improves SQLite Management, C++ UTF 16 and 'LIKE' Searches

Hi Valentina Developers! Valentina Studio [Fix][SQLite] - Parser fixed - underscore is allowed at any place of non-quoted identifier C++ ADK [Fix] - Examples fixed to take into account the fact UTF16 string, used as KEY. Valentina DB ...

CSV Injection - Yes, it is a thing.

I never gave much thought to the CSVs being a problem, but it turns out they aren't a problem, but rather that certain applications will act upon cell contents and literally weaponize CSVs. Thanks to my good friend Richard Gaskin for sharing this ...

Valentina 7.5 Adds Usability Features to Studio, Improved REST & JSON for Valentina DB

Paradigma Software announces the immediate availability of Valentina release 7.5 which includes updates to Valentina Studio Pro, Valentina Studio, Valentina DB and Valentina Server. Valentina Studio Pro [New][Start Page] - “Recent Databases” an...

[Info] Release v7.5 soon. Article about changes.

Hi Valentina DB Developers, Very soon (few hours) we will ship release 7.5. It has some changes in how we working with database file extension. 1) You can read small article about this changes here:

Mouse3 should close query results tabs

I have a minor feature request. I would like to have Mouse Wheel Button (Mouse3) close the query results tabs. Right now, you have to click (Mouse1) the little 'x' button. If you have been making many tabs to close, as you begin to close them, t...

Competitive Upgrade from SQLPro to Valentina Studio Pro

Paradigma Software makes it easier to switch from your old database management tool to Valentina Studio Pro. If you use SQLPro, a macOS only database management tool, you can now competitively upgrade to Valentina Studio Pro....

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