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B M Geschrieben in:

NULL behavior changed in Studio 9.0.2

It appears that 9.0+ handles NULL differently than its counterpart version 8. Version 8 correctly was setting a NULL value in a field of it was set as 'NULLABLE' and no value provided. Version 9 no longer does it. This will create problems when qu...

pb of default column type while a dump

Hi, i was a happy heidsql windwos user but i deicded to level up to linux, i found valentina as an alternative and i have to say that it's cool. but when i made a dump of a database, instead of default column type, valentina give me double 22,0 and t...
Chew LM Geschrieben in:

SQL Editor "Show/Hide Side Panel" button only hide part of the side panel

Hi, When i try to hide the side panel using the "Show/Hide Side Panel" button in the SQl Editor, it only hide part of the sidebar (see attached photo)....
Kevin Geschrieben in:

Forms - duplicated renamed form

Hi, This may be user error ... but in case, it isn't. I created a form that has a TableView with a query as its source. I liked the results and duplicated, using Duplicate, the form. I renamed the duplicated form. I edited the duplicated form:...
Chew LM Geschrieben in:

SQL Editor CTRL + SHIFT + Z Redo shortcut not working some time

Hi, I noticed that when i create a new SQl Editor, the CTRL + SHIFT + Z Redo shortcut does not work sometime. It will only work a while after I select the Redo from the menu, and then stop working again after i switch to another SQL Editor tab an...
Chew LM Geschrieben in:

Cannot restore foreign key with Drop Before Restore selected in Create Dump

Hi, I am getting the following error when restoring the dump created with Drop Before Restore option enabled. Error in query (1091): Can't DROP FOREIGN KEY `fk_address_book_postal_code_list`; check that it exists The database does exist befor...
Chew LM Geschrieben in:

DROP DATABASE option in Create Dump.

Hi, currently there is no option to include drop database sql into the dump, the existing Drop before restore option does not include dropping the database....
Chew LM Geschrieben in:

Created Dump default value issue

Hi, When i try to restore the dump created by VStudio, I got the following error: Error in query (1067): Invalid default value for 'country_code' Upon checking, i noticed that the default value contain the escape character(\'): `country_code`...
Chew LM Geschrieben in:

Load Dump is taking a long time to complete

Hi, I tried to load the dump generated earlier with VStudio and it took a long time to complete. It is because the dump generated by VStudio uses multiple INSERT to insert multiple data (i had 50K row to insert, this took a few minute). Is i...
Chew LM Geschrieben in:

Rearrange item in select tab of Query Editor

Hi, is there a way to rearrange the item sequence in the select tab of the Query Editor? Currently it seem i can only swap the position of 2 item, i had to do a lot of swapping to get an item to the position i want....
Chew LM Geschrieben in:

Changing Query Editor background color

Hi, is there a way to change the Query Editor background color? Currently, the default dark grey is making the links line really hard to see unless i highlight it with a mouse....
Chew LM Geschrieben in:

Disabling single click open SQL Editor in Schema Editor - Diagram

Hi, Not sure if this is an intentional design or a bug. Is there a way to disable the default single click open SQL Editor function in the Schema Editor - Diagram? I keep getting send to the SQL Editor when i try to view the list of created diag...
Ben Scofield Geschrieben in:

Pie Chart?

Hi, I have a query that is returning data for a Boxes type chart but when I switch over to pie charts, the example disappears and nothing is generated with the report at all. Also where is the documentation that details how to customize the label...

Can't normalize unicode in Valentina 8 on macOS

This code worked in V4RB 7.x call db.SqlExecute("UPDATE thereferences SET title=Normalize(title) WHERE isNormalized(title)=false" but in Valentina 8 generates this exception line 1:32: unexpected token: Normalize What i...

Valentina Studio + PostgreSQL 10.3

Hi! Error accessing attributes enum....

Undefined fields make Valentina Studio Crash

Hi, I noticed that when we point a report to a different data source on Valentina Studio Pro (v. 8.0.2) and some old fields (which are not defined in the new data source) are referenced in the grouping or sorting (and even in print_if expressions)...

Is Valentina Reports ADK for C a shared library?

Is Valentina Reports ADK for C a shared library (*.dll / *.so) that can be used with programming languages other than C? To be specific I want to be able to use PureBasic to create CGI applications that generate and return Valentina reports (I kno...

Feature request - Wrap values default setting for data editor

Hi, It would be good to have a setting (in preferences) for setting default "Wrap values" option for new data editor windows....
B M Geschrieben in:

Confusing column layout feature in Studio/Studio Pro

I am at a loss now how the "save column/order layout feature" is supposed to work. So I arrange columns the way I want to see them, save its layout, reopen table again and everything is reset to the "sort by column filed" from th...

"Sort by Fields" dialog unable to change direction from third field on

I tried to change the sorting order on the "Sort by Fields" dialog and noticed that on the third field and the ones below clicking the "Direction" does not change from Ascending to Descending. I tried this in many different report...
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