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Problems with calculations in a table

Hi, I have added a table to my report that summarizes the tax rates of my products (10 or 21%). I have 5 columns in the table with these calculations: Column-1: $F(field1) Column-2: $F(field2) Column-3: = field1 * field2 / 100 Column-4: = f...

Limit the maximum number of records per page

Hi, I'm newbie with Valentina Reports and I'm designing my first report but I have problems to limit the maximum number of records that can be displayed in one subreport per page. It means, for example I have an invoice with 28 records and I would...

Adding Page to Report

Hi, I am developing a report that displays a government form. The form is placed on the page as an image and the database fields are placed on the image in the appropriate places. It works fine. Here's the question: The last page of the form c...

MySql Web App in XOJO

Hello , I have in the open event for the app my valentina license. I create a container and a button and this is the following instruction I did : try //Open Connection dim conn as VConnection = new VConnection("","username...

Conditional Style on Summary fields: it is possible?

Hi. I have a Summary Filed on my forms that I wish to format using the Conditional Style, but I cannot reference the value of the summary field. Is there any way to do it? For instance if the average of a filed is negative I'd like to have the fo...

After updating to new version, can't get my Xojo web app to work.

I have a web app that I just tried to update using the new Valentina SN number and now it won’t run, It’s a linux box. Right now there is a file that is deployed with it. I’m thinking that this must be the problem. We are only...
Cecilio Geschrieben in:

xojo, Print report and the user choosing printer.

I know how to send the report to the local printer and to pdf. But I do not know how the user chooses the printer to print on. Any examples please?...

PrintToLocalPrinter And LocalPrinter In Web applicacion with xojo

Hello! Sorry my english is not good I have Valentina report 7 and Xojo 2016 r 1.1, for a web application. I need to send direct print to the printer without needing a preview. MReport.PrintToLocalPrinter (Session.PrintersPrinters.PrinterN...

Problem with XOJO/ADK 7.2 printing BarCode

I have Mark the print using XOJO ADK but work Perfect from the Valentina Studio PRO print perfect. from xojo work bad way...

Search in the Reports

Hi HOW TO find reports with query example query name is salesQty so how i find all the reports are using salesQTY query...

Report Labels

Hi I need to make a label reports like Address Label 1" x 2-5/8 " any idea about this or examples thanks...

Unicode Ligature font feature problem

Hi there I've use VStudio Pro for a while. Usually with Thai locale and characters. Most of them work very well esp Thai sorting. But one thing that really make report not quite correct is how it display the vowels characters incorrectly. From...

Reporting against MS SQL server from a Red Hat Linux Xojo app

Hello, I am new to this forum and new to Valentina as well. We are evaluating the feasibility of using Valentina to generate reports from a Xojo application that will be running under Red Hat Linux and connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server 2014...

Report Xojo web Currency format

hello, I need help in order to format monetary values ​​in the report according to the Italian standard (eg: #. ###, ##). I read in the documentation link of use patterns. The problem is that using xojo web the "locale" server is set a...

Version Question

Hi, I'm currently using the free version. I'm trying out the reports for xojo. I have written all the code and the reports, but it doesn't show the report I created. Is this a problem with the version?...
Scott Geschrieben in:

Report Parameters in PHP

I can't get report parameters to work in PHP. Are they supported? This is what I am using: PHP 5.5.36 Latest PHP ADK download. OS X/Apache $query = "SELECT tblJobs.seqNo as JobNumber, tblDetails.RecID as DetailID, rate, ve...
PBI Geschrieben in:

Set to 0 the Top and Bottom margins

hi, I need to create a report with some objects near of the four margins ( top, bottom, left and right ). I put these objects at 0 centimeters from the four margins but in preview or when printing, the top and bottom margins are set at about 2 centi...
PBI Geschrieben in:

Crashing on report.LocalPrinters()

Hi, I upgraded Valentina ADK Reports for XOJO to version 6.5.10 Now All my applications crashing at the following statement : ... ... ... Dim printers as VStringArray printers = report.LocalPrinters() My system: Windows 10 - 6...

I need to Print to Mobile Printer

This is a example who to print. how i can print using the ADK...
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