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Montag, 24. Juni 2024 00:00

Valentina ADK for Xojo installer contains:

  • Valentina DB ADK, which allows developing:
    • apps with embedded Valentina DB engine
    • apps that are a client for Valentina DB Server
    • apps that are a client for Valentina SQLite Server
  • Valentina Reports ADK, which allows developing:
    • apps with embedded Valentina Reports engine
    • apps that are a client for Valentina Report Server.

Registration: You should obtain one serial for each OS, where you going to deploy your app. You can order them in our online store:

These serials you should enter into calls of methods Valentina.Init() or Valentina.InitReports(). Please notice that Valentina.InitClient() does not require serials at all because any VCLIENT is free.

The iOS client for Xojo and related examples are also included.

WIKIValentina for Xojo Documentation.

VIDEO: Valentina for Xojo Installation: Linux, Mac OS, Windows.

* Release Notes -- link into our WIKI pages with Release Notes.

* Change Log -- link into our bug tracker Mantis. Choose in the top right menu a Valentina Product you want to see.