Valentina Database Core Features In Depth

Use tiny Valentina DB Abstraction Links. 1:1, M:1 or M:M relations - without building tables. Foreign keys optional.

Valentina Binary Links

Valentina DB goes beyond the constraints of traditional relational databases by providing you with more options: traditional foreign keys, object pointers and high performance binary links. These are all accessible via standard SQL or through the native Valentina DB API.

Valentina Binary Links
  • Work with 1:1, M:1 or M:M relations - without building tables
  • Smallest possible data structure
  • Accessible in standard SQL or Valentina native API

Binary Links in Valentina SQL

You can stick with standard SQL but if you utilize the ValentinaDB specific extensions to standard SQL, your code will be shorter and easier to read.

CREATE BINARY LINK link_Phone_Person ON (Person, Phone) AS MANY TO MANY;

Also Available

Foreign Keys
Valentina DB supports industry standard foreign keys, making it easy to port existing SQL databases to Valentina.
Object Pointers
Valentina DB provides an advance on foreign keys that results in less information needed when working with 1:1 and M:1 relations.