1. Jonathan Ashwell
  2. Valentina Database ADK
  3. Freitag, Februar 16 2018, 08:27 PM
  4.  Abonnieren via E-Mail
Or are Valentina databases silently converted to a new internal format when they are opened in Valentina 8?

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Ruslan Zasukhin Akzeptierte Antwort
Hi Jon,

there is no internal convert between 7 and 8
we do not change db format version.

This means that v7 vstudio should be able open db made by any v8 app,
if you do not use new ARRAY type.

Even if ARRAY type exists there, such field will be ignored, and db still should be opened.

But please test it on your side of course:
* open your db by vstudio 8 and close
* open it by your v7 app and see if all right.
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Jonathan Ashwell Akzeptierte Antwort
That's good news. I'll try it. Thanks Ruslan!
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