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Steve Albin Geschrieben in:

Question regarding use of ILIKE

I've upgraded from Valentina 6.3 to Valentina 9. I'm now seeing in the release notes the introduction of the ILIKE SQL keyword. Previously, my app did all case insensitive searches. I'm now seeing that some searches are case sensitive. From wh...

NOT REGEX search not working as expected

I'm not getting the correct results when I do this search on two TEXT fields (keywords and notes). keywords REGEX ‘ocean solutions’ AND NOT (notes REGEX ‘ocean solutions vu’) What am I doing wrong?...

Binary link on same table

Hi, wondering if it's possible to link the same table with binary link. The idea is a table with tasks and sometimes a task can be a subtask of a task in same table. Is a binary link an possible option for this relation? it's not urgent, just a t...
Ruslan Zasukhin Geschrieben in:

[NEW] Valentina SQL command - MERGE.

Hi Valentina Developers, Now you can use in Valentina 6.0 a new powerful command 'MERGE'. This command is from SQL2003 standard. This command allows you to combine by some logic INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE in the single command. On of the simplest ...

Update sql command and read-write locked record

Hello, I realize I can update a record with an UPDATE sql command while another user has set a read and write lock on this record in a VCursor. Is it really the intended behavior ? Is the UPDATE sql command a "NoLock" command ?...

newbie sql question #2, select from a cursor

Hi, is a sql select always performed against a database, or can I do a new selection inside the returned cursor. Problem is: I have a search field, doing query to my db as you type, and this text is used in my query to the DB, this is then populat...

Sorting issue

Got a bit of an edge case for sorting. The sorting works in Xojo, but not quite in Valentina. The data is similar to: a a:::b a:::b:::c Now if the data is a a:::b a:::b-2 a:::b:::c sorting doesn't work. a:::b:::c should be followi...

newbie SQL questions.

Hi, a simple group by question. How to I get a table to group by month when having a dato field... SELECT COUNT(*), month(dato) AS MND FROM SALG GROUP BY month(dato) will not work because I'm not allowed to use expressions in group by......

Equivalent of chr function?

Is there for SQL the equivalent of a chr function? I need this for a more complex sort algorithm....

Wide scope in LIKE, possible

Hi, I want to make a more google like search. What ever is in input text I want it to search in all fields in my cursor. But I don't want to write all the fields in my WHERE LIKE. So how do I do: Select field1, field2, .... field12 In Tbl1 ...
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