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Reporting against MS SQL server from a Red Hat Linux Xojo app

Hello, I am new to this forum and new to Valentina as well. We are evaluating the feasibility of using Valentina to generate reports from a Xojo application that will be running under Red Hat Linux and connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server 2014...
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Can't get Database from Azure MSSQL

Hi, I set up Valentina with my SQL Database in Azure, but it can't get the database. Do you have any idea about it?...

Report not printing on a site (Xojo + Valentina)

Hello, On a Xojo application I print using Valentina Reports ADK (latest version). Now on all my test machines works fine. On a specific site I get "Report Error 611604: Datasource error: "[FreeTDS] Unable to connect: localhost :: worktime...

cannot connect to sql server

Hi! I'm starting using valentina studio pro and xojo 2016 r1.1 for a simple report. QUESTION 1 My db is sql 2008R2 and this is how I connect from Xojo without problems.... Dim db As New MSSQLServerDatabase db.Host = "
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