Valentina Database Core Features In Depth

Valentina DB has all standard database field types plus additional ones that exploit Valentina DB advanced features.

Field Types in Valentina Database

Valentina DB Field Types The Valentina DB model can emulate other standard database models but also has field types that are specific to the network model origins.

Standard Field Types in Valentina DB

True Bit Type
Valentina is practically the only DBMS on market that offer you filed which really use 1 bit per record (other dbs, in the best case, packing bits into byte).
Numeric Types
Valentina has very rich set of numeric types: Byte, Short, Ushort, Medium, UMedium, Long, ULong, LLong, ULLong, Float, Double
Date/Time Types
Valentina have effective types for date and time values: Date, Time, DateTime, Interval.
String Types
Valentina have few types to keep strings: String (fixed size strings), VarChar (variable size strings) and Text (unlimited size strings)

Rich Media Field Types in Valentina DB

Binary Types
Valentina has 3 types to keep binary data: FixedBinary, VarBinary and BLOBs. BLOB can be compressed to reduce disk usage in 5-10 times disk space.
Picture Type
Valentina has a special Picture Field that can compress bitmaps into JPG/TIFF formats. This again allows you to save a lot of disk space.

Special Field Types in Valentina DB

Each Valentina Table has a RecID field - that means automatic unique id for a record in the scope of Table. It uses ZERO space on disk!
Each Valentina Table has an OID field - that provides unique ID of a record in the scope of database as required by ODMG Standard. It uses ZERO space on disk!
Pointer Types
Valentina has a unique Pointer field type - objectptr

ObjectPtr direct pointer types come from the network model and work up to four times faster than foreign key links on joins and takes up significantly less disk space.