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My DB has a corrupted VarChar.
The diagnose report display :
==========> Field: theFieldName , type VarChar
.....> VarCharFile
(!) FirstRecID is not correct Must be 303 but it is 304
(!) RefFile is not correct. Must be rebuilt.
(!) Total number of records on VarChar pages does not match table's record count.

Problems found! ( VarCharFile )

Problems found! ( Field: theFieldName , type VarChar )

1) Why/When this problem can occur ?
2) How can I rebuild the RefFile (as noted in the report) ?

Best regards
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Ruslan Zasukhin Akzeptierte Antwort

* using which version of VDB?

* You should do clone of this db, using e.g. Valentina Studio

* maybe you can tell where from this db? ADK app? under vserver? vstudio?
how old big this db is?
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François Van Lerberghe Akzeptierte Antwort
1) This is under Server 5.8.8, Realbasic 2011r4 (yes I know it's old)
The db is relatively big : 60 tables where 2 tables have 500 000 records each, but the corrupted one has only 90 000
The db is in 4 files : vdb (795 ko), dat (410 Mo), ind (116 Mo), bob (5 Mo)
Not encounter this problem with the ADK/standalone version of my software.

2) I do a clone to solve this, but I would know if it exists some other method that take less time to complete.

3) I'm really interested to know how I can avoid / prevent / workaround this problem because I encounter this corruption several time now (different customers) and sometimes some time after the db clone (thus 2 or 3 times with the same db)
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