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Upgrading Valentina Server

Let you have installed Valentina Server v3 and you want upgrade it to v4.

  • Backup your databases and projects. You can use for this BACKUP DATABASE command, or just stop VSERVER and copy 'databases' and 'project' folders. This step is optional but recommended.
  • Download Valentina Server installer.
  • Run installer and follow its instructions. If Valentina Server is running on computer, then installer self will stop it to be able replace executable files.
  • Valentina Server Installer will reuse your current INI file with your settings. So you should not worry about repair of settings. Valentina Server 6.0 and newer, creates/refresh on each start 'ini.example' file. It is a good idea to check it, release notes and docs of new version of Valentina Server to see what new parameters are introduced in this version. If you want to use some new parameters you should add them into your existed ini-file.
  • When installer finishes the Valentina Server is started and running. No need to restart computer.