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Data Editor - Text Editor

The Data Editor allows you to view and edit the contents of text fields.

ValentinaDB stores text internally using UTF-16. If you copy-paste the text into the Text Editor text field such as UTF-8, it is automatically converted internally to UTF-16.

Text Editor

Find And Replace

The text editor has the “find and replace” panel which can be activated using the CMD+F/Ctrl+F shortcut.


Find Text

  • Replace checkbox – Switches panel to the “replace” mode.
  • Searched text
  • Find Previous – Highlights the previous occurrence of the searched text.
  • Find Next – Highlights the next occurrence of the searched text.
  • Done – Finishes the search.


Replace Text

  • In Selected Text checkbox – Replacement will be done only within the selected range.
  • Replacement text
  • Replace button – Replaces the current occurrence of the searched text.
  • All – Replaces all occurrences of the searched text.