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Create Database Valentina Dialog Help

To create a new database, choose the option “File → New Database…“ from the Application Menu.

Alternatively use Contextual Menu of Connection in the Schema.

In both cases, Valentina Studio will open the “Create new Valentina x.x database” dialog, giving you the possibility to define a number of parameters for your new Valentina Database.

The options are divided into 3 groups:

  • General
  • Database mode
  • Expert


In the “General” group, you can define name and directory of the new database

  • Name - Enter the name of the new database.
  • Path - The directory where the new database will be created. Enter the path of the desired directory in the text field or open an OS dialog window using the ”…” button.

Database mode

Valentina databases can be stored as one single file (“one database file”) or separated into several files (“several database files”).

If you want to store your database in several files, you can advise Valentina Studio to create a folder where all database files will be put (“put all files into a single folder”).


  • Byte Order - Allows to specify the byte order for disk files of database. On default it is created according to the current hardware. Now PPC hardware (most of MACs in the past) becomes obsolute, because modern MACs now are INTEL-based.
  • Database Location - Usually you choose the default location on Disk. But for some tasks you can choose RAM-based database. Note that RAM-based database will be lost on quite of Valentina Studio application.
  • Segment Size - On default 32 Kb. This specifies the size of segment, which engine allocates on disk when it needs more space.
  • Storage Encoding - On default UTF-16. This specifies the storage encoding of database files. Currently only UTF16 is supported.