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Create Database PostgreSQL Dialog Help

Use the Create PostgreSQL Dialog to create new databases and define parameters for the new database.

Select from two option groups:

  • General
  • Expert


In the “General” group, you can define name and directory of the new database

  • Name – Enter the name of the new database
  • Comment – The comment for the new database


  • Character Type – Character classification to use in the new database. This affects the categorization of characters, e.g. lower, upper and digit. The default is to use the character classification of the template database.
  • Collation – Collation order (LC_COLLATE) to use in the new database. This affects the sort order applied to strings, e.g. in queries with ORDER BY, as well as the order used in indexes on text columns. The default is to use the collation order of the template database.
  • Connect Limit – How many concurrent connections can be made to this database. -1 (the default) means no limit.
  • Encoding – Character set encoding to use in the new database. Specify a string constant (e.g., 'SQL_ASCII'), or an integer encoding number, or DEFAULT to use the default encoding (namely, the encoding of the template database). The character sets supported by the PostgreSQL server are described in official documentation.