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Create Event Dialog Help

This dialog allows you create a new Event or modify an existing one.

It dialog contains a few tabs to allow to define parameters of the Event such as schedule, action, comment.

Depending on a database engine you can see different set of options.

The first tab-panel is named “Event” and contains main properties of the Event.

  • Name - name of the event.
  • Database - database, this event will be created for. Empty for server event (Valentina only).
  • Schedule - select among two kinds: One-time and Repeat.

One-time kind shows At property to specify exact time when event should be executed.

Repeat shows two properties Starts and Ends, both optional to specify a timeframe, when an event can be executed.

  • Interval and Unit - for repeating event means interval between event execution, for one-time - interval, which will be added to At value.
  • Enabled - event will be executed at specified time.
  • Preserve - if checked, executed event will not be deleted.

 Create Event Dialog (One-time)

 Create Event Dialog (Repeat)

Additionally to manual input, special calendar popup can be used to specify timestamp values:

 Calendar Popup