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Report Wizard - Layout Help

On this page you may setup the settings of the report page and the content layout.

Report Wizard - Layout

  • Paper
    • Format – The format of report page (A3, A4, A5, Letter).
    • Orientation – Orientation of the report page (Portrait or Landscape).
  • Data
    • Model – The layout of report content:
      • Columnar – The vertical structure of the report - in the right column the names of fields, in the left column - the content of the fields.
      • Tabular – The horizontal structure of the report - on top the names of fields, on bottom - the content of the fields.
    • Grouping – The layout of group content:
      • Left Side – The group content will be started exactly below the group header.
      • Step-like – The group content will be started with some offset (step) from the group header.
    • Align tables to right – If ON, labels of fields will have right alignment.


Example: Tabular Left Side

Example: Tabular Step-like

Example: Columnar Left Side

Example: Columnar Step-like

Example: Columnar with Align tables to right