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Load Dump Dialog Help

This wizard serves to load a database dump. Valentina studio uses the same wizard to load dump for different database engines. If some database provides additional dump options, the wizard shows them on the separate page.


Valentina Studio provides the ability to load dump in the SQL format for all supported database engines.

PostgreSQL accepts more dump types:


PostgreSQL database engines are provides advanced dump options:

PostgreSQL dump options:

Source File

At this page, you should define a source file that will contain the dump.

Load Dump Dialog : File

  • File Path – The path to the file, that will contain a dump.
  • Encoding – The encoding of the dump.


At this page you can see loading progress. If loading dump for the particular database can tell amount of executed queries this number will be shown on this page.

If loading performs with errors this will be shown on the page. In this case user can make forced stop.


If loading completed successfully the wizard will show appropriate message on the last page.

Otherwise the list of errors will be shown.

On the page only first 100 errors can be listed. It is a restriction for a GUI performance. All other you can save into the file.

  • Save All Errors – imports all errors into the selected file.