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Valentina Release 10.1.x Notes

Release 10.1.0


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Pro][Schema Editor] - Duplicate command in the contextual menu of a Table.
    • in the dialog you can specify also [x] - RAM, [x] - Temporary flags for the duplicate.
    • also you can specify that N records should be copied.
    • works for all databases: MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Valentina DB.
    • (!!!) keep in mind that MySQL does not expose a temporary table in SHOW TABLEs. To use it in SQL Editor you should remember its name.
  • [New][Pro][Form Editor] - QProcess class, to run external applications, can be used to execute Bash scripts, AppleScript commands, etc.
  • [New][Schema Editor] - improved “Generate SQL : Create” tab, adding flags [x] - RAM, [x] - Temporary for Table objects into dialog.
  • [New][Schema Editor] - cmd+F keyboard shortcut moves focus to the SEARCH-field on the top right.
  • [New][Schema Editor] - now you can filter also the first column of databases.
  • [Imp][Data Editor] - Improve to allow the user to open SQL Editor, Query Editor, Server Admin for active database/connection, using toolbar buttons.
  • [Fix][SSH] - Fixed sending long packets via SSH. This makes the execution of long queries more stable.
  • [Imp][Load Dump] - Update dump loading progress more frequently.
  • [Imp][Load Dump] - Show the list of errors on the last page of the Load Dump wizard.

Valentina Server

  • [Fix]8737 - VServer.Shutdown doesn't seem to close databases properly.
  • [Fix]8746 - SystemBackupCatalog property changes do not impact to “BACKUP DATABASE” statement.
  • [Imp]8741 - Use standard macOS authorization dialog in the Valentina Server preference pane. It includes support for Touch ID authentication to Start/Stop the server.

Valentina DB

  • [Fix]8744 - Hard crash when doing SQL with 2 UNIONs.

Valentina for Xojo

  • [Fix]8739 - VPreparedStatement gives the wrong result if one parameter has an empty string.
    • Xojo's empty string looks like a nullptr (inside V4RB plugin), but it must be not an SQL-NULL for bind value.
    • If you need to bind a NULL you should call BindNull() method or use BuildArrayOfBinds() instead of BuildArrayOfBindsFromStrings().
    • In other words - you can not encode SQL-null using RealString.

Release 10.1.1


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Form Editor][JS] – Added QSysInfo class which provides information about operating system Valentina Studio is running in. It is useful if script relies on system-specific features, for example, to run different scripts on different platforms – PowerShell script on Windows, AppleScript on macOS.
  • [New][Form Editor][JS] – Added signals of QProcess class, this allows the user to control running application asynchronously.
  • [New][Form Editor][JS] – Added QCoreAppliction.processEvents() static method which can be used during long-running loops (for example, to show the progress, process button clicks).
  • [New]8753 - Add ability to duplicate a query of the Query Editor
  • [Fix]8750 - Fix highlighting of JavaScript Template Strings (e.g. `some string`).
  • [Fix][Form Editor] - don't adjust columns widths to field name length and field type.

Valentina Server

  • [Fix]8702 - “SET PASSWORD OF USER user1 [IDENTIFIED BY 'password'] TO 'new_password'” now allows for admins to skip optional IDENTIFIED BY part, to change password for any other user.

Valentina for Xojo

  • [Fix]8752 - .useSSL results in application not responding
  • [Fix]8755 - RBDB API returns RecordSet instead of RowSet in Xojo API 2