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VDatabase Custom Extensions

If you develop your own application you can wish to specify your own extensions for database file to be able to assign your own icons. Valentina allows to do this using function Valentina.SetExtensions().

The following example creates database with 4 disc files with names MyDatabase.mvdb, MyDatabase.mdat, MyDatabase.mblb and MyDatabase.mind

db = new VDatabase()
db.SetExtensions("mvdb", "mdat", "mblb", "mind" )
db.Create( "MyDatabase.mvdb" )

Valentina stores these extensions in the header of Description Volume, so if you trash Index Volume then Valentina is able create it again with assigned extension.

For MacOS class VDatabase have additionally

VDatabase.MacCreator as String
             inDescType as String, 
             inDatType as String, 
             inBlbType as String, 
             inIndType as String )