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How to Recover a Broken Database?

Currently you can recover a broken database using one of 2 ways:

  1. use VDatabase.Clone() method.
  2. Dump database into XML text file and then load it into new fresh db.

The first way is better than XML dump because:

  • no need to create huge XML text files, so this increases the speed, reduces the disk and RAM usage.
  • no need to convert to/from strings and to parse XML text, this also improves the speed.

In both ways the new database will not contain deleted records of the original database. This means that existed logical records will occupy new RecID values. So values of ObjectPtr fields and BinaryLinks should be corrected. Valentina do this task automatically.

Also you can note that both these ways create new fresh database that will have less size. So you can use this trick to prepare a database for CD/DVD burning.