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Valentina Server logging facilities

Learn about how to use logging options in Valentina Server.

Valentina Server may be tuned to log its activity to the console, file and syslog. Also there is an option to choose a desired verbose level.

  • 0 - for error messages only.
  • 1 - for errors and warnings.
  • 2 - for errors, warnings and debugging messages.
  • 3 - for errors, warnings, debugging messages and command level tracing.

This article covers possible Valentina Server logging options:

  • Logging to console
  • Logging to file
  • Logging to SysLog

Any of that options may be turned on or off in two ways (vServer restart required for both).

  • Edit vServer ini-file
  • Set vServer property via SQL-command

Also you may check any vServer property via “GET PROPERTY .. OF SERVER” or “SHOW PROPERTIES OF SERVER” sql statements

Logging to console

It can be helpful if vServer is running in the console. You may see vServer activity in “live” mode.

Logging to file

You may find such log files in vServer app folder. They look like Valentina Server 4_20100224_132413.log. Each vServer session starts new log file. You should take care of them yourself.

Logging to SysLog

This option lets you choose a system log as a target for vServer log messages. It depends on OS - event log for MS Windows and sysLog for MacOS and Linux.