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Project Window Pro Features

Project Window allows you to work with Valentina Project (.vsp) files.

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Valentina Project Items

  • a Datasource - a database of any supported engine (Valentina/SQLite/MS SQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL).
  • a Folder - a container for project items.
  • a Form - contains controls and JavaScripts for logic
  • a Label - a simple text label.
  • a Named SQL query - a source query for the report.
  • a Report - a report instance.
  • a Resource - a resource file, like picture, script, or something else…

Browser Features

  • Tree of objects – you can browse project items like a simple tree structure.
  • Folders – you can organize project items in the folders and subfolders.
  • Flat Mode – allows browsing items in the sub-folders easily.
  • Search Items – allows to search items by name.
  • Drag&Drop – you can change the item(s) location by dragging it to the appropriate place by mouse.
  • Export Reports – the project browser allows one to export a single project to a separate file to store or use it in another project.
  • Managing Items – you can create, change or remove any item of the report.
  • Duplicating Items – you can create a new item by duplicating the existing one.
  • Items Exchange – project browser allows us to copy or paste items between different projects.
  • Integration with Schema Editor and SQL Editor of Valentina Studio.