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SQL Difference Pro Features

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Key Featuring

  • compare and synchronize databases on a local machine
  • compare and synchronize databases on different servers
  • compare all database objects or only selected ones
  • compare all object properties or only selected ones
  • recognizing the renamed objects
  • overview representation of the differences between databases with details and modification scripts for different objects
  • synchronize databases manually
  • synchronize databases automatically
  • change options of comparison and synchronization
  • using SQL Script editor with syntax highlight

Compare Settings

  • specify a source and destination databases
  • specify types of objects for comparing
  • specify object properties for comparing
  • specify the key for comparing (the object name, or the object ID)
  • live monitoring of comparing process
  • abort comparing at any moment

Manipulation with Result

  • overview different objects in the tree structure
  • overview types of changes for every single object
  • overview different objects by one
  • overview different objects by groups
  • remove custom objects from sync script
  • rename objects instead drop/create
  • ability to correct the synchronization script for a particular object
  • showing SQL definition of compared objects
  • highlighting SQL difference for a particular object


  • overview synchronization script in SQL Script editor with syntax highlight
  • add a footer/header script from file
  • modify synchronization script
  • copying synchronization script to clipboard
  • save synchronization script to file
  • simple synchronization of databases: execute one query for all different objects
  • custom synchronization: one query for each group of objects
  • custom synchronization: one query for each object
  • overview of synchronization results