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Installing Valentina for LiveCode / Revolution

Installing Valentina for Revolution is a two-step process. First, you run a standard set up executable, followed by running an installation stack within Revolution itself.

What You Should Already Know

This lesson is designed for users of Runtime Revolution who already understand the basic structure of Revolution projects, functions, handlers, and who use interface tools. You should know the basics of your computer operating system for storing documents.

Also, you should already know the following key concepts:

  • Starting and quitting Revolution
  • running an application from within Revolution
  • using the Revolution Message Box

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to install Valentina for Revolution onto your computer or removable media and how to test the installation to ensure that Valentina for Revolution was installed correctly.

Where to Go Next

Start creating database applications!

Installing Valentina for Revolution on your Computer

The Valentina for Revolution install process works almost exactly the same under both MacOS X and Windows.

1. Download the Valentina for Revolution installer to your hard disk.

You can find Valentina for Revolution on either the Runtime Revolution website or on the Paradigma Software website.

2. Exit or quit Revolution.

Most developer tools won`t recognize a component added while the developer tool is running. Play it safe with Revolution and quit Revolution during the installation process.

3. Run the installer.

Installer screens appear, as well as the Valentina End User License Agreement. After you read the EULA, follow the instructions of the installer.

Note: On some operating systems such as MacOS X, the installer asks for the admin password. This is normal behavior for the operating system.

4. Exit the installer when installation is complete.

The installer creates a directory to contain the Paradigma software.:

/Program Files/Paradigma Software/

Depending on your operating system, you will see the following sub-directories:

/Program Files/Paradigma Software/vcomponents_win_vc

/Program Files/Paradigma Software/V4REV_X (where X is version number of Valentina extension)

Note: Why aren't these components stored with LiveCode(Revolution) automatically? That's because the installation isn't entirely finished.

5. Open the V4REV_X folder and locate the the installer.rev project.

Note: If this is the first time you have worked with LiveCode(Revolution) (maybe you are porting your Valentina based application from Director or REALbasic) and you are installing this onto Windows, you may be surprised that the icon association of a Revolution Project is with WinRAR.

6. Start Revolution, then select File > Open Stack.... Navigate to install.rev project and open it.

You can find the install.rev project in the following directory:

/Documents/My Revolution <Edition>/ …


If you have not installed an external before with Revolution 2.7.3 or higher, you may be in for a surprise. Following Runtime Revolution's guidelines, an external installer creates a series of folders in your My Documents folder. Externals are stored in these folders. This is a normal behavior.


The Valentina for Revolution installer console appears. As each file is installed to your computer, the installer console writes a line.


7. Quite Revolution and start it again.

Valentina for Revolution is now installed. If you suspect that there was a problem during the installation process, you can check to see whether the external is installed correctly.

Open the Message Box and type in the following:

put the externalPackages of stack "home"


If the Valentina external is loaded successfully then “Valentina for Revolution” will appear in the results.

Uninstalling Valentina for Revolution

The installation process of Valentina for Revolution makes no changes to your system registry. You can uninstall the old fashioned way - drag it into the trash can.

Where is it?

When you install Valentina, the installer installs files in multiple locations on your computer. Where are the files installed and why? There are three different locations you should be aware of:

Paradigma Software\vcomponents_win_vc. This is the centralized storage of the Valentina engine, including the core database engine, a communication component, and Unicode handling.

Note: If you installed on MacOS X, the location is /usr/local/lib/vcomponents.

PARADIGMA SOFTWARE\V4REV_X directory. This contains your EULA (End User License Agreement), READ ME, and Examples.

MY REVOLUTION [VERSION] DIRECTORY. For Revolution developers, this is where Revolution stores externals and plugins.