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Installation of V4REV 2.0 - 2.3

Installation on MacOS

Valentina for Revolution (MacOS) is distributed as a disk image (.dmg) archive. You can install Valentina for Revolution by dragging folders from the .dmg archive into required locations on your computer.

To install on MacOS, drag and drop the following two items located in the V4REV_2_mac.dmg:

  • Drag the V4REV_2 folder into the same folder as Revolution.app. The V4REV_2 folder contains both the V4REV_Macho external and the “Examples” folder.

Installation on Windows

To install Valentina for Revolution on any system, select and run the Valentina for Revolution installer, V4REV_2_win.exe.

During installation, the Valentina for Revolution installer will ask you for the location of your Revolution executable.

Windows File Locations

  • The V4REV_2 folder is located in the same directory as Revolution.exe (unless you specified another location during the installation process). The V4REV_2 folder contains the Valentina for Revolution external and the “Examples” folder.
/Program Files/Paradigma Software/VComponents_win_vc

The installer appends to a system variable PATH the path to vcomponents folder, so that Windows can find and load DLLs.