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Lesson 3 - Generate a report from "Employees" database

In Lesson 3, you will learn how to work with a local Valentina Reports project, create and generate reports.

The report will print all records added to the database from the LiveCode application using local Valentina Project.

You can add Valentina Project files to the Valentina Server to make them available over the network.

To follow this lesson, you should have the LiveCode project created in Lesson 2.

Step 1: Valentina Project Preparation

Valentina Reports are stored in the Valentina Project file.

Valentina Studio Pro is a tool used to create projects and design reports.

Project Creation

Create a new local project Project1 in the same folder with the LiveCode project.

Datasource Creation

  • Click Create button and select Datasource… menu item.
  • Click Open DatabaseOpen local database and select Database1.vdb on disk.
  • Select Database1 in the tree and click OK:

Query Creation

  • Click Create button and select Query… menu item.
  • Input the following query:

  • Test query and click OK:

Report Creation

  • Click Create button and select Report… menu item.

Use the Report Wizard to define desired report layout:

Layout is created:

  • Click Preview and check the output:

The resulting project you can find here.

Step 2: LiveCode Project Preparation for the Work with Valentina Reports

Modifying Initialization

Copy the files you created in Lesson2 to a new location, start LiveCode, then load the project.

Valentina Reports Init

In the current stack open the context menu and select Edit Script. Modify the code of the openCard handler as follows:

on openCard
    if the gClient of this stack is true then
        get valentina_InitClient()
        get valentina_Init( 10 * 1024 * 1024 )
    end if
    get valentina_InitReports( "", "", "" )

end openCard

Valentina Reports Shutdown

In the current stack open the context menu and select Edit Script. Modify the code of the closeCard handler:

on closeCard
   get Valentina_ShutDownReports
   get Valentina_ShutDown
end closeCard

Step 3: Valentina Project Opening

Create a new handler ProjectOpen:

on ProjectOpen
   get the effective filename of this stack
   set the itemDel to slash
   put the (item 1 to -2 of it) & slash & "Project1.vsp" into projPath
   put VProject_Constructor( projPath ) into mProject
   get VProject_Open( mProject )
   get ShowError()
end ProjectOpen

Once the work with project is done it can be closed and freed in the ProjectClose handler:

on ProjectClose
   get VProject_Close( mProject )
   put VProject_Destructor( mProject ) into mProject
end ProjectClose

Add calls of ProjectOpen and ProjectClose to openCard and closeCard handlers.

Step 4: Valentina Report Generation

Add function which prints report to PDF file at the temporary location and presents it to the user:

function DoPrintPDF
   put VProject_MakeNewReport( mProject, "report1", mDatabase, "SELECT * FROM Person" ) into rpt
   put specialFolderPath( "temporary" ) & slash & "report.pdf" into tmpPath
   get VReport_PrintToDisk( rpt, tmpPath, "kToPDF" )
   get ShowError()
   get VReport_Destructor( rpt )
   launch document tmpPath
end DoPrintPDF

Step 5: Window Design

Add pbPrintPDF button at the bottom of the current stack.

Define mouseUp handler:

on mouseUp pMouseButton
   get DoPrintPDF()
end mouseUp