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Valentina for C++ WIN Installation


The Installer for Windows installs on your computer:

  • “/My Documents/Paradigma Software/VSDK_4” folder. This folder contains the V4RB plugin itself and the folder Examples.
  • “/Program Files/Paradigma Software/vcomponents_win_vc”. This folder contains several DLLs; also see the detailed description of vcomponents folder.
  • Appends to the system variable PATH the path to the vcomponents folder, so Windows can find and load Valentina DLLs.
  • Bonjour service, if you have not disabled it in the installer.
  • /Program Files/Paradigma Software/VSDK_4“ folder with UNINSTALLER files.


If you have only one ADK installed and you want to remove it completely, then you can use uninstaller, which removes files, folders and removes Bonjour service.

But if you have other Valentina products installed, e.g. Valentina Studio, Valentina Server and/or other Valentina ADKs you may want not to remove Bonjour. Then just trash manually ADK_4 folder, but do not trash vcomponents folder if you have other ADKs. You can trash vcomponents folder only if there is no other ADKs left. Valentina Studio and Valentina Server do not use vcomponents because they keep all needed DLLs inside of themselves.