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Data Editor - Date&Time Editors

The Data Editor displays the Date and Time values in the table grid, in the format specified in the database settings (or standard ISO 8601 if there is no such a setting).

Additionally, it allows you to edit these values in specialized editors.

The Date&Time Editors can work in different modes:

  • Inline – an editor is presented right in the table grid.
  • Popup – an editor is presented as a small non-modal dialog below the edited cell.
  • Modal – an editor is presented as an ordinary modal dialog.

The popup appears when the user clicks the button below the bottom right corner of the edited cell, the modal dialog is displayed by double-clicking the cell or clicking the Content button.


The Time values are edited only in the following inline editor:

You can put a cursor to one of the sections and use ᐱ and ᐯ buttons (the spinbox control) to increase or decrease the value by 1.


Inline editor for the Date values works the same as the Time editor but includes a different set of sections:

Advanced Date editor in the modal dialog:

It contains the following controls:

  • ← button – go to the previous month.
  • Month – select month from the dropdown list.
  • Year – click to input a year from the keyboard or set it using the spinbox control.
  • → button – go to the next month.
  • calendar grid – click to select the date.
  • Set NULL – sets the NULL value and closes the dialog.
  • Change – confirm the value change and close the dialog.

Advanced Date editor in the popup:


Inline editor for the DateTime (and Timestamp) values works the same as the Time editor but includes date sections:

Advanced DateTime editor, in addition to the Date editor it incorporates a spinbox control for the time components:

DateTime editor in the popup mode: