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Table Dialog - Fields Tab Help

Using tab-panel “Fields” you can create a new field or modify an existed one.

Table Dialog - Fileds Tab

There are two major areas in this tab-panel:

  • List of Fields.
  • Details of a selected Field.

List of Fields

This panel contains a list of Table Fields.

There are three ways to add a new Field:

  • Click button “Plus” on the bottom of panel.
  • Left Click on the last row, in the Name column and enter the name for a new Field, then continue edit other parameters.
  • Right Click on an existing Field then choose Duplicate item of the contextual menu.

In the list you also can define basic properties of the Field that are common for all fields:

  • Name - The name of the Field.
  • Type - The type of the Field. Choose one from the popup menu.
  • Nullable (N) - The field flag that defines if the Field can contains NULL values.
  • Unique (U) - The field flag. If TRUE then column must contain only unique values.
  • Indexed (I) - The field flag. If TRUE then Field will have index based on its value.

Note, that when you set flag Unique or Indexed this also creates a corresponded constraint in the tab-panel Uniques or Indexes.


Details panel, represents a built-in Property Inspector for the current Field. With it, you can change advanced properties of the selected Field according to its type.