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Table Dialog - Triggers Tab Help

Using this tab-panel you can create a new Trigger for the current table or modify an existed one.

Table Dialog - Triggers Tab

There are three major areas in the Fields tab:

  • List of Triggers.
  • Properties of selected Trigger.
  • Text of selected Trigger.

List of Triggers

This panel contains a list of table Triggers.

There are three ways to add a new Trigger:

  • Push button Plus on the bottom panel.
  • Left Click on the last row, in column Name, and enter a name for the new Trigger.
  • Right Click on the record for existing Trigger, choose Duplicate item.


In this tab-panel you can change Trigger properties:

  • time - is the Trigger action time. It can be one of: BEFORE, AFTER or INSTEAD OF.
  • events - indicates the kind of statement that activates the Trigger. For Valentina and PostgreSQL it can be any combination from DELETE, INSERT or UPDATE. For SQLite and mySQL you can specify only one event.
  • comment - comment for current Trigger.
  • enabled - turn ON/OFF Trigger. Disabled triggers has dimmed icon in the list of triggers.


In this panel you can define Trigger text.

You can edit only area between BEGIN and END keywords. To modify parameters of trigger you should use Properties tab-panel described above.