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Duplicate Table Dialog Help

[Valentina Studio Pro Feature]

The dialog allows you to duplicate an existing table:

  • Table Name – The name for a duplicate.
  • RAM – Create duplicate as a RAM-based table (Valentina, MySQL).
  • Temporary – Create duplicate as a TEMPORARY table.
  • Copy Records – Copy records from the table being duplicated.
    • All Records – All records will be inserted to the duplicate.
    • Limited Records – A subset of records will be inserted to the duplicate.
      • Limit – The maximum number of records to be copied.
      • Offset – The number of records to skip.
      • Order By – Sort the records before copying. Records will be inserted in the specified order.
      • Ascending – Order for sorting (ASCENDING/DESCENDING).


  • Copy 10 last inserted records

  • Copy 20 first inserted records