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Form Editor - Items List Editor Help

This editor is used for property Items of the ComboBox and ListView controls.

It works in the three modes, the mode is set using the combo box at the top of the editor:

  • Custom
  • Field
  • Schema

Custom List Mode

The list of items is statically defined.

There four buttons to modify the list:

  • Add – Adds a new item to the bottom of the list.
  • Delete – Deletes selected item from the list.
  • Move Up – Moves selected item upper.
  • Move Down – Moves selected item lower.

Field Mode

The list of items is dynamically fetched from the selected field in the database table.

There are two checkboxes to modify the resulting list:

  • Distinct – The duplicated entries will be removed.
  • Sorted – The items will be sorted.

Schema Mode

In this mode, the result will contain the names of the database objects from the specified list of the schema.